If you are considering sending out direct mail in Canada, you’ve likely wondered about the latest techniques available. You may be wondering about Neighbourhood Mail, Postal Code Targeting, or even subscription billing. Fortunately, there’s no need to fret. This article will walk you through the best ways to approach these marketing techniques. Once you’ve found the right company to handle your mailing needs, you can start reaping the benefits of in Canada.

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Postal Code Targeting

Postal Code Targeting is a new acquisition solution that combines the power of your existing customer data with address-level data from Canada Post. This unique technique allows you to target new audiences who are similar to your current best customers. Postal Code Targeting is applicable to a variety of demographic and purchasing criteria, and helps you connect with those most likely to buy your products or services. With Postal Code Targeting, your acquisition dollars can work twice as hard.

Whether you’re looking to increase customer acquisition or improve customer retention, Postal Code Targeting will allow you to deliver your mail to your customers where they live. This new targeting tool is part of Canada Post’s Smartmail Marketing suite, which gives marketers three marketing options: Neighbourhood Mail, Personalized Mail, and Postal Code Targeting. Using Postal Code Targeting will ensure your messages reach the right customers and are more likely to convert them.

Neighbourhood Mail

Neighbourhood Mail, also known as Unaddressed Admail, consists of printed and non-printed matter that is not addressed to specific addresses. This form of mailing is ideal for marketing purposes and helps companies build relationships with targeted groups of customers. The service is highly targeted and uses a combination of Canada Post and Statistics Canada data to pinpoint the most likely mailboxes to receive the mail.

Neighbourhood Mail is a highly targeted option for direct marketing campaigns in Canada. Canada Post offers three methods for targeting your mailing, including Postal Code Targeting, Personalized Mail, and Neighbourhood Mail. Neighbourhood Mail reaches mailboxes in specific neighbourhoods or regions. Neighbourhood Mail targeting is perfect for mass awareness campaigns, and is a popular choice among restaurants.

Personalized Mail

Personalized Mail is a marketing technique that targets a specific person or address with a tailored message. It allows companies to reach decision makers with the right message, and it helps to increase conversions by reaching the target audience in a highly personalized manner. Personalized mail is useful for a variety of purposes – it can drive conversions, attract new customers, launch new products, raise funds, and announce events.

Personalized mail helps businesses attract new customers, deepen relationships with existing ones, and build customer loyalty. Banks and not-for-profit organizations rent mailing lists to acquire new donors. Personalized mail is also used by governments to communicate with citizens. Learn more about targeted mailing methods from Canada Post. You’ll be able to reach your audience more effectively than ever before. Here’s how. Personalized mail is more effective when used in conjunction with other marketing channels.

Subscription billing

If you have decided to use advanced , you’re probably wondering how you’re going to pay for your campaign. The subscription billing option bills you monthly on your anniversary date in US dollars, while per-piece pricing bills you by the piece and charges your credit card in Canadian dollars. With subscription billing, you’ll receive volume discounts on your campaigns and Direct Mail Credits. You can also opt for per-piece pricing, which bills you per-piece before they’re delivered.

Turnaround times

Canada Post offers a variety of mailing services. Express Mail and Premium Mail are fast, convenient mail services that can help you get your mailers to your customers quickly. In most major cities, Canada Post Express Mail can be delivered within one to two business days. To optimize the time of delivery, your address data should be standardized to ensure accuracy. You should also consider using automated software such as PostGrade to automate the printing and personalization process.

Direct mail services are an important part of a business’ marketing mix, both for acquiring new customers and for deepening relationships with existing ones. Businesses use personalized mail to communicate with their existing customers, and not-for-profits rent lists to attract new donors. Banks use personalized mail to communicate with their customers. If you’d like to learn more about the types of direct mail services available, you can visit Canada Post’s website.